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Investment in top 5 Shares or Stocks for 2015

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Stock / Expert Reco Price () Peak From Reco % Gain
Avanti Feeds
Ashish Chugh
109 672.45 404.59
Vaibhav Global
Hem Securities
176 830.00 352.53
Hem Securities
108 456.30 280.88
Vaibhav Global
Hem Securities
288 830.00 176.55
Balkrishna Industries
SP Tulsian
212 602.00 163.75

Best bank for DMAT and online trading account 2014

Opening a DMAT account can be like opening a new portal in your life where every time market plates shift you would feel the tremble be it positive or good. There are many options available to the onlookers by various banks like ICICI, HDFC, HSBC, Axis, SBI etc. Nowadays most of the Depository Participants or banks allow you to open demat account and you can also operate your DMAT account online from your office or home. Hence with the help of a computer and Internet connection, now a DMAT account holder can check his/her view holdings, billing and transactions, as well as order Delivery Instructions Booklet, Check ISINs, etc. Online Demat Services makes your trading fast, easy and more efficient.

Features of a DMAT account :

  • You can purchase, hold and sell shares in electronic form.
  • Get transaction statements as and when you transact on Monthly basis & your Holding. statement on a yearly basis, showing current portfolio of shares.
  • As an NRI, you can easily de materialize your portfolio of shares in India.
  • You can save time with quick transfers.
  • Say goodbye to risk of loss, theft or mutilation of shares.
  • Now, stop worrying about bad deliveries, forgeries and duplicate share certificates.
  • You can avail the Basic Services Demat Account offerings of the bank.

If I have a demat account can I buy or sell shares or stocks?

No if you only have a demat account you cannot buy or sell stocks . For purpose of buying or selling shares you need a trading account.  Trading account is an interface between your Bank account and your Demat account used during buying and selling.

Buying shares: To buy shares, you need to transfer money from your bank account to trading account. For example , if you want to buy 50 shares at Rs 100 , you have to transfer Rs 5000 from your bank account to the trading account. The shares that you buy will be stored in the demat account.

Selling shares: When you sell, your trading account takes back the shares from your Demat account and Sells them in Stock Market and gets the money. It then transfers the money to your bank account.

Some financial institutions like ICICIdirect or HDFC Bank offer bank account, trading account and demat account together called as 3 in 1 account. While financial institutions or brokerage institutions like IndiaBulls or share khan offer only demat account and trading account.  Then one needs to link the bank account to transfer money to and from the trading account using Payment gateway, Net transfer or cheque.



How can one open an account?

You have to approach a DP and fill up an account opening form. The account opening form must be supported by copies of any one of the approved documents which serve as proof of identity (POI) and proof of address (POA) as specified by SEBI. Apart from these PAN card has to be shown in original at the time of account opening from April 01, 2006. Investor has to sign an agreement with DP in a depository prescribed standard format, which gives details of rights and duties of investor and DP. DP should provide the investor with a copy of the agreement and schedule of charges for their future reference. The DP will open the account in the system and give a unique account number, which is also called Beneficial Owner Identification number (BOID) and used for all future transactions.

Most brokers offer different types of accounts or plans to suit different individual investors need. The below comparison is done for selected account type. By 2-in-1 we mean Demat Account and online trading by 3-in-1 we mean Savings account, Demat account, online trading. 

  Services Account Opening Charges (AOC) Annual Maintenance Charge Brokerage
ICICI Direct(iSecure plan)  3-in-1 975 450 0.55% Delivery0.275% Intra Day
ICICI DirectVariable Brokerage structure   3-in-1  975  450  Rs 25/-per trade Or 2.5% of trade value (which ever is lower)
IndiaBulls(power IndiaBulls)  2-in-1 900 450 0.40% Delivery0.04% Intra Day
SBI(ezTrade)  3-in-1 500 350 0.50% Delivery0.15% Intra Day


ICICI bank is best to open d mat account because of following reasons:- 

  • It is also a broker so in icici bank or icici direct a trading account link with your saving account is open jointly to your d mat account so you are able to done online share trading. Some other online share trading service provider like reliance money is not a bank so if you want to trade online with their d mat account you will must to open a saving account in axis bank or icici bank.
  • It research service is best in research page of you find so many updated tools to analysis a share. 
  • If you buy a share online then it price is credited by your saving account automatically and if you sell a share it will be automatically deposited in your saving account.
  • Dividend are also deposited most of companies automatically in icici bank saving account.
  • In my knowledge only icici direct is provide you a limit order service so you can place your order when market is closed. 

Canara Bank Tier – II Bonds (Series – II) BASEL-III complaint

Canara Bank has decided to raise additional capital of Rs. 1000 Crore through issue of BASEL-III complaint Tier-II Bonds (Series-II).

Canara Bank has received reaffirmation of rating “AAA / Stable “(pronounced ‘CRISIL Triple A rating with Stable Outlook’) from CRISIL Limited & confirmation of rating ‘[ICRA] AAA (hyb)’ (Pronounced ICRA Triple A Hybrid with Stable Outlook) from ICRA Limited for the proposed issue of the said Bonds.