Mutual fund in India

Mutual funds started its operation in India in the year 1963 when Unit Trust of India was launched by the Government of India. Later in the year 1993, the Government allowed foreign players to come to India to set up their operations. More over according to the latest report published in “The Economic Times”, the investors  has put around Rs 76,000 crore in various mutual funds in 2012-13.

Some of the mutual funds schemes  are listed below along with some of their features:

Large Equity Cap fund-BNP Paribas Equity Fund

Ranked 1 according to CRISIL

The Scheme invests in a range of companies, with a bias towards large & medium market capitalization companies.

  1. Systematic Investment plan available.
  2. Investment Options-
  3. BNP Paribas Equity Fund
  • Growth Fund
  • Dividend Fund

BNP Paribas Equity Fund –  Direct Plan

  • Growth Fund
  • Dividend Fund

Diversified Equity Funds- Birla Sun Life GenNext Fund

Ranked 1 in its category according to CRISIL

The investment objective of the fund is to target growth of capital by investing in equity/equity related instruments of companies that are expected to benefit from the rising consumption patterns in India, which in turn is getting fuelled by high disposable incomes of the young generation (Generation Next).

  • Investment period : 3 years +
  • Liquidity: High
  • Returns: High
  • Risk : High

Small and Mid Cap Equity Fund- Birla Sun Life MNC Fund

The fund invests in securities of multinational companies in order to achieve long-term growth of capital with relatively moderate levels of risk.

  • Investment   Period – 3 years+
  • Liquidity: High
  • Returns: High
  • Risk : High

Thematic Infrastructure Fund- DSP Black Rock India T.I.G.E.R   Fund

Ranked 1 in its category

Invests in companies which will gain from the government policies on infrastructure growth and economic reforms.


  1. Regular plan
  2. Direct plan

Options available under both plans –

  • Growth
  • Dividend

Minimum Investments:    Regular and Direct Plan- Rs 5,000

SIP – Rs 500 ( min 12 installments)

Equity Linked Saving Scheme-(ELSS)- Axis Long term Equity Fund

Ranked 1 in its category

Tax benefit along with wealth creation- as it allows an individual to save tax under section 80 C of Income Tax Act of 1961.

Flexibility to withdraw after 3 years.

Long Term income Funds-SBI Dynamic Bond  Fund

Rank  1

The investment objective of the scheme is to actively manage a portfolio of good quality debt as well as Money Market Instruments so as to provide reasonable returns and liquidity to the Unit holders.

SBI Dynamic Bond Fund is a fund investing in G-sec, corporate bond and money market instruments.

Minimum Investment – Rs 5,000/-

Systematic Investment plans available.