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Aajeevan Samriddhi – DLF Pramerica Life Insurance | Benefits | Features

whole Life Insurance cum savings plan – Aajeevan Samriddhi – that aims to help customers protect financial security of their families in their lifetime.

Overview of DLF Pramerica Aajeevan Samriddhi

Whole Life Cover- till you are 99 years of age, irrespective of your age at the time of policy inception

Increasing Financial Protection that grows year on year with the inclusion of Reversionary Bonuses

Wealth Accumulation:

               • Guaranteed Additions that accrue for the initial 5 years of the policy

               • Bonus accrued from the 6th year of the policy till age 65

Survival Benefit comprising Bonus and Guaranteed Additions paid at age 65

Maturity Benefit at age 99

Convenient Premium Payment Option of 15 or 20 years


Death Benefit: The benefit will be paid on the unfortunate demise of the life insured

  Demise within 5 policy year Demise after 5th policy year till age 65 Demise after age 65 till age 99
Basic Death Benefit YES YES YES
Accrued Guaranteed Additions YES YES  
Accrued Reversionary Bonuses   YES  
Final Bonus (If any)   YES YES

Survival Benefit: This benefit will be paid when the life insured is 65years old (As on last birthday)

• Accrued Reversionary bonuses
• Accrued Guaranteed Additions

Maturity Benefit: The benefit will be paid at the end of the policy term, when the life insured is 99 years old (As on last birthday)

• Basic Sum assured
• Final Bonus, if any


This policy has a compound reversionary bonus declared annually. This will accrue from the sixth policy year till the life insured is 65 years of age. In addition to this, Interim and Final Bonuses may also be declared. The bonuses are not guaranteed and depend upon return on the relevant participating fund.

Features & Eligibility

Age at entry##
8 years
PPT 15 Years: 50 years
PPT 20 Years: 45 years
Maturity Age##
99 years
Policy Term (99 – Entry Age) in complete years
Premium Paying Term 15 and 20 Years
Premium Paying Mode Yearly, Half-Yearly and Monthly
Minimum Premium Rs 5,500 (Yearly)
Maximum Premium Depends on the chosen basic sum assured, age at entry and premium payment term