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Best Short Term Investments Options 2013

Short term investment arises when you have pressing need of the surplus money in the next 1 to 3 years. Invest in best short term investment options to get benefitted to the maximum extent.

Best Short Term Investments Options for 2013

Investment in Gold

Fixed deposits in Bank

  • Highest Returns bank are – IndusInd Bank, Axis, Bank of India & SB of hyderabad

Investment in Company Deposits, Corporate and NCDs

  • Example are – Ansal properties, Unitech Ltd, parsvnath developers etc.

Mutual Fund Large Cap Investment for 3 years.

  • UTI opportunities Fund offers 13.7% annual return

Ultra Shot term Mutual Funds

  • Example – Birla SL FRF LTP, JM money manager fund, Sundaram ultra

If you know any of the other funds for Short term Investment please share detailed information on that.