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SBI CONTRA FUND – Benefits & Details | Sectoral Funds Schemes 2013

SBI Contra Fund: A contrarian approach in investing is putting money in companies which are fundamentally good but whose share prices are not reflecting the true potential.

Objective: To provide the investors maximum growth opportunity through equity investments in stocks of growth oriented sectors of the economy. There are five sub-funds dedicated to specific investment themes viz. Information Technology,Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Contrarian (investment in stocks currently out of favour) and Emerging Businesses.

Key Benefits

  • The contrarian strategy invests in stocks which are presently out of favour. The fund endeavors to identify┬ásuch contrarian opportunities.

Who can invest?

Investor who prefers value investing may invest in this fund. This is suitable for investors looking for long term return.

Asset Allocation

Instrument Normal Allocation (% of Net Assets) Risk Profile
Equities of particular sector 90%-100% High
Money market instruments 0%-10% Low
Date of Inception 14/07/1999
Minimum Application Rs. 2000
Entry Load NA
Exit Load For exit within 1 year from the date of allotment – 1 %. For exit after 1 year from the date of allotment – Nil.
SIP Rs. 100/month – 60 months
Rs.500/month – 12 months,
Rs.1000/month – 6months,
Rs.1500/quarter – 12 months
SWP Rs 500 per month or quarter