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Jeet Residence Nayabad | Price List | Loans | Location

  •  848 to 1318 sq. ft.
  •  Rs. 3300/- per sq.ft.
  •  Nayabad, Kolkata
  •  2 / 3 BHK
  •  2014

Jeet Residence – overview

Strategically located, Jeet Residence offers 2 / 3 BHK residential apartments in Kolkata. Set in a very prominent place, Nayabad, the project is well connected to all important destinations of the city.

Type BHK Size (sq. ft.) Price (Rs.)  
Residential Apartments 2 BHK 938 sq. ft. Rs. 30,95,400/-  
Residential Apartments 2 BHK 848 sq. ft. Rs. 27,98,400/-  
Residential Apartments 3 BHK 932 sq. ft. Rs. 30,75,600/-  
Residential Apartments 3 BHK 1288 sq. ft. Rs. 42,50,400/-  
Residential Apartments 3 BHK 1318 sq. ft. Rs. 43,49,400/-  
Each home at Jeet Residence is designed as per contemporary norms & with proper space utilization.



  • R.C.C Foundation and flooring in the concrete proportion of 4:2:1 cement ratio after adequate soil treatment and consolidation.


  • R.C.C frame work , colum, beams, slabs, lintels, chajja etc. in the concrete proportion of 4:2:1 ratio with 200 mm thickness brickwork on outside wall with 1st class kilu burnt brick in cement mortar ratio 5:1 proportion and 75 mm thick inside partition wall and 125 mm thick partition wall between the flat will done by 1st class kilu burnt bricks in cement mortar ratio 1:4 proportion with wire net as necessary.


  • Outside surface sand-cement plaster, inside surface sand-cement plaster of paris finish.


  • In marbel flooring, with skirting and margin in bedroom, living-cum-dining, verandah, toilet and kitchen.


  • Flush door in the main entrance as well as bed rooms to be hang on 100 mm/60 mm thick sal wood frame (tick doors of existing building shall be fixed in the owners allocation portion)


  • Alluminium sliding window with glass panel having integrated grill will be provided


  • Cooking be platform will be 18in/6ft of black stone top over 75mm thick partition wall and 2ft high white parcelling tiles will be provide along the black stone platform and one black stone sink (18in/22in) with pillar cock will be provided.

TOILETS Marble (white)

  • Concealed internal cold and hot water lines within G.I/HDPE pipes and fitting geyser point will be provided.
  • Porcelain European style hindware pan (stander size) with PVC cistern.
  • 1 shower,2 Taps of C.P fittings


  • Porcelain European style commode with PVC cistern.
  • 2 Taps of C.P
  • 6ft high white porcelain tiles at wall


  • Necessary drain, sewer lines and inspection pits whichever necessary duly connected to the septic tank.
  • Water pump with motor of requisite capacity
  • PVC rain water pipes for roof under disposal