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Omnitech Infosolutions fixed deposits Interest Rates & Details

Omnitech Infosolutions has launched fixed deposits for tenures of one, two and three years. The  minimum amount of investment is Rs 25,000 and in multiples of Rs 1,000 thereafter.

Why invest in Omnitech Infosolutions

The interest rate of 12.5% per annum is 2.5-3.0%higher than the rate offered by most banks. The company is profit making and it has posted a net profit of Rs 55.02 crore for the year-ended March 2012.

Why not to invest

Company fixed deposits are unsecured and illiquid. Interest income from company fixed deposits is taxable and for those in the highest tax bracket the post tax return works out to a mere 8.64%. As of December 2012, 29.96% of the promoter shareholding is pledged.

Omnitech Fixed Deposit (FD) Scheme

Interest Yield upto 14.89%
Scheme-A Scheme-B
Quarterly income Plan* (Non-Cumulative) Cumulative Deposit Plan*

Min. Amt (Rs)

Rate of Interest * (p.a.) Period Min. Amt (Rs) Rate of Interest * (p.a.) Maturity
Value (Rs.)
Yield (p.a.)
One Year 25,000 11.50% One Year 25,000 11.50% 28,001 12.00%
Two Years 25,000 12.00% Two Years 25,000 12.00% 31,669 13.34%
Three Years 25,000 12.50% Three Years 25,000 12.50% 36,167 14.89%
Notes: Additional Amount in multiple of INR 1000/-
Interest payable quarterly
Notes: Additional Amount in multiple of INR 1000/-
Interest compunded quarterly and payable on maturity.


    • Minimum Deposit amount is INR 25,000/- only.
    • Nomination facility is available.
    • Interest to be calculated from the date of encashment of cheque/DD and will be rounded off to the nearest rupee.
    • Deposits will be accepted from Individuals, Minors (through Natural Guardians), HUFs, Association of Persons, Registered Societies, and Registered Trusts.
    • No tax deduction at source shall be made, provided, declaration in prescribed form No.-15G/15H as applicable is submitted for each financial year.
    • Interest will be payable quarterly/compoundable quarterly.
 How to Apply
    • Please fill in the attached Application Form completely and appropriately and ensure that all columns are filled up carefully, neatly and signed on every correction if any.
    • Application Form along with cheque/draft favouring of ”OMNITECH INFOSOLUTIONS LTD.-FIXED DEPOSIT COLLECTION A/C”(CMS CODE-OMNITECH and crossed ”ACCOUNT PAYEE ONLY” should be deposited with CMS branches of AXIS Bank either directly or through Managers/Brokeres to the Scheme. Separate pay-in-slip meant for Cash Management Services (CMS) should while depositing the cheque/DD with the AXIS Bank mentioning the ”CMS Code-OMNITECH” therein.
    • Depositors outside Mumbai, where there is no CMS branch of AXIS Bank may send their applications alongwith Cheque/DD payable at Mumbai directly to Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd., C-13, Pannalal Silk Mills Compound, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup (West), Mumbai-400078. Outstation cheques are not acceptable unless payable at par.