UCO Bank Sowbhagya Recurring Deposit Scheme (Scheme Code – RDUSS)

The ‘UCO Sowbhagya RD Scheme’ offers all facilities of a Normal Recurring Deposit along with the flexibility of varying monthly installments for a higher yield on maturity.

Details of the product are illustrated as below:-
Who can open

A person in his/her own name OR
Two or more persons, in their joint names, who will be the beneficiaries either jointly or anyone or more among them or the survivor or the survivor of them
On behalf of a Minor, represented by their Natural Guardians or Guardians appointed by Court.
In the names of clubs, societies, associations, educational institutions, trusts, firms, partnerships provided they are registered and joint companies.

Age of the Accountholder

RDUSS may be opened by Resident Indians above 18 years of age.
In the name of minor singly, provided he/she attained the age of 10 years & can read and write.

Pattern of Deposit

RDUSS account can be opened as under:-

  • Minimum amount Rs. 100/- in a month and
  • Maximum amount Rs. 10 lac in a month.
  • Thereafter, monthly installment in variable amount but in multiples of Rs. 100/-.
  • Minimum one installment with no limit on number of deposits per month, however, the maximum amount that the depositor can remit in a month shall not exceed Rs. 10 lac.

Period of Deposit -

RDUSS Deposits would be accepted for a Minimum period of 12 months and Maximum period of 60 months only.
Deposits Period shall be in blocks of either of 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months and upto 60 months only.

Rate of Interest

As applicable for normal term deposits of the same tenor.

Privileges for Senior Citizens /Staff /Ex-staff

Additional rate of interest (ROI) over and above applicable ROI relevant to Banks Term Deposit.


Loans shall be granted subject to a maximum of 90% of the RDUSS amount deposited and the interest charged by the Bank will be 2% above the deposit rates.

Terms & Conditions - All other terms & conditions applicable for existing Recurring Deposit Scheme of the Bank.